Thursday, October 2, 2014

Find the Bait and You'll Find the Fish

This near keeper was one of 25 fish
landed today in some rough water.
Today I fished in some very rough and stormy conditions.  I have really scored in the past in conditions like this and today was no different.
The float 'n' jig rig
did the trick today.
This is a real good
choice to fish in
rocky areas with
white water when
the stripers are feeding
on small bait.
In the very first rocky spot I stopped at I walked into a blitz in progress.  The bait was there, birds were diving and fish were breaking.  With a 30 knot wind from the northeast in my face I was able to cast maybe 30 feet with the float and jig, but that's all that was needed since most of the fish were feeding in the white water turbulence right along the shore.  For over an hour I had a hit or a fish on just about every cast.  These were mostly hefty schoolies in the 20-28 inch range.  One fish might have been a keeper. 
There were only two other guys fishing this location today and they were both scoring good numbers of fish also.  Face it....most fishermen are fair weather guys and few venture out on these rainy and windy days, yet those are some of the most productive days you will find in the fall.
I'm on a roll right now.  The score for the last week is 50 stripers, 3 albies and 3 blues.  I must say the fishing has really perked up.  Find the bait and you will find a lot of fish.