Saturday, October 4, 2014

Picking 'em Off in the White Water

Fans of the blog were catching in the white
water today.
This hefty schoolie hit a jig fished
off a float in some rough water.
Today was a rough, stormy day along the oceanfront as a big east wind and pounding waves battered the shoreline.  These conditions produced a lot of white water.  And, where there is white water, there is usually good fishing.
I found good numbers of fish along an east facing shoreline and had to haul my casts into the stiff wind and rough water.  The fish were there and surprisingly close to shore. I used a float and jig (one of the few choices that would get out an distance in the rough water) to catch all my fish.  These were hefty schoolies in the 20-25 inch range.
The hot fishing just continues.  It's been a north, east or northeast wind all week with rough water that has brought albies and stripers close to shore. For me, this has been the best fishing week of the year.