Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Can't get much better than today
as it was non-stop action all
The good times just keep getting better if that is possible.  I hit the shoreline today and unlike the last three outings, there appeared to be little around. There were few fishermen, no fish breaking and few birds.  However, there was loads of white water so I went searching for fish in the white water and I found them, BIG TIME.
I was all alone in one particular spot for over an hour and I had a hit or a fish on every single cast while casting in turbulent white water.  I was using a float and bucktail jig. At first the fish in the area were not showing but then they started whirling in the white water in front of me.  At times, everywhere I looked there were fish.  They provided non-stop action.  Several more guys showed up in this spot and at times, everyone was fighting a fish at once. I lost count at 40 fish that I landed and know I caught at least 15 or 20 more.  These were all good size schoolies in the 22-27 inch range.  I had several fish just shy of keeper size. Just phenomenal action.
This last week has featured some of the very best striper fishing I have ever seen. No doubt these are migrating fish as we have had very few resident fish during the summer and early fall.  I suspect the big northeast winds we had last week has driven large numbers of stripers to the RI oceanfront.  Let's hope they stick around!