Saturday, October 4, 2014

Good Number of 40 inch Plus Fish Landed Recently

I'm on a big fish roll as I have landed two fish over 40 inches along with another smaller keeper in the last two evenings/nights of fishing. In addition, I've also gotten a number of hefty schoolies after dark. My son, Jon, got in on the action tonight also as he nailed a 40 inch fish (see photo at right) along with another small keeper. One bait shop along the south shore is also reporting a number of 40 inch fish taken in the last week by shore fishermen.  So, the big fish have finally arrived in good numbers for shore fishermen.  I credit this rough weather of the last week for moving those large fish close to shore and getting them charged up and feeding. This has been the best week of fishing for large fish that I have seen this year along the oceanfront.