Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Popper Does it Tonight

The popper has not exactly been a great plug for me this spring, but it was the best plug in my bag tonight.  I was fishing some shallow water in the Bay with a bucktail jig and a Zoom fluke with no success.  Then, I spotted a couple of fish breaking after bait way out in front of me.  I went right for the popper, a good choice when stripers are chasing bait on the surface in the spring. The plug I used was a 4 inch Creek Chub popper, one of those $2.50 specials that I picked up at Walmart. Small poppers on light tackle are a good bet in shallow water spots in the Bay. Well, they jumped all over this plug tonight with some spectacular hits.  I landed quite a few hefty schoolies in the 20-25 inch range, good size fish on my light outfit with 10 lb. test mono line.