Friday, May 10, 2013

Bay a Good Bet Right Now

In the last five evenings I have been fishing the Bay.  It is the first time this year in which I have out fished my son, Ben, who has been slugging it out at the oceanfront.  Problem with the ocean has been that big waves battered the coast in mid week sending in a lot of sand and weedy water.  The rough water has also moved a lot of fish out.
Bay fishing has been very good but not spectacular for me.  I have been getting between five and fifteen fish an evening.  One fish in ten has been a keeper in the 28-30 inch range (see photo of keeper caught last night on bucktail jig). My brother, Steve, hit it real big earlier in the week while fishing from his boat.  He landed an astounding 25 keepers on artificials in one morning of fishing.  Six of those fish went 32-35 inches.
Note that there are loads of pogies in the upper Bay right now, though there seems to be no big numbers real large fish under them.  That could change, though, in the coming days.
So, right now, I think the Bay is the best bet for shore or boat fishermen.  Whether you fish the upper Bay, the mid Bay or the lower Bay, there are lots of stripers to be had if you can find them.