Sunday, May 26, 2013

Focus on Lures....What's Working, What's Not

I've been catching big numbers of schoolies in the Bay from shore in this nasty weather of the last few days.  While many fishermen will guess it's the spot I am fishing that is delivering the fish, I will tell you that is only half of the puzzle.  I will also tell you that there are stripers in just about every cove, river  and shallow area in the Bay right now.  Some places have more than others, but there are fish  all over.  Focus on the other half to the puzzle which is using the right stuff. I constantly see fishermen in the right places, but because they are using the wrong plugs and lures, they are blanking.
Here is what has really worked for me in the last four evenings to land over 30 fish:
1.  Jigs- middle of photo- I have been scoring well using both the 4-inch Zoom fluke on a jighead and a small half ounce bucktail jig with a curly tail.  I think the fluke has worked better in calm water and the bucktail has worked well in rough water.  Both are key lures to use in the Bay right now.  Cast them out and bounce the rod tip as you retrieve.
2.  Float and jig or float and skinny plastic- top of photo- Both have worked well when the wind has been blowing in my face and a long cast is needed.  The float and bucktail seems to work best before dark while the float and 6 inch Slug Go seems to work best at and after dark.  Cast and reel slowly with slight pulls of the rod tip.
3.  Skinny Plastic- bottom of photo-  I have been using a pink Slug Go or Hogy in the daylight and I have shifted to black after dark.  They have been the only thing working on top.  Cast and vigorously jerk the rod tip while retrieving slowing.  The 7 1/2 inch Slug Go seems to be the best size.  Note that this only works well when the wind is at your back. 
Here is what is not working in the Bay right now: poppers, Cocahoes and swimmers.