Monday, October 3, 2011

Score for Day....Bay-5, Ocean-2

I fished in the daytime today at the ocean and the Bay. I had planned to stay down the ocean all day, but some very rough conditions made fishing near impossible.  I suspect that hurricane driven waves were coming ashore, and it shut down the fishing in most places producing sandy and roiled water.  I did, however, manage to find two decent fish in some white water.  They hit a float and Cocahoe rig (see photo).  Sensing I had few options along the rough and tough oceanfront, I decided to hit the Bay on the way home.
Fishing the upper Bay, an area that consistently produced in the past, produced 5 stripers in a variety of spots.  It was one fish here, one fish there with all of them taking quarter oz. bucktail jigs spiced with Pro Bass triple ripple curly tails.  The fish were all about 20 inches except for one keeper that measured 32-33 inches, a terrific fish from shore in this area.
So, for today, the Bay wins.  I'm not all that surprised because I have done well in the past by opting to fish the Bay when the oceanfront becomes unfishable.