Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Bucks Banging Big Fish

I'm on another roll. In the last few days I've been getting big numbers of bass and blues by day and some big fish after dark.  The daytime action mainly involves stripers and blues from 20-28 inches long that seem to be popping up all over the place where bait comes ashore.  However, after dark is a different story with no fish showing.  I have been targeting breachway waters after dark with a large bucktail jig spiced with a pork rind strip.  I used this last night to nail my biggest blue of the year, a fish that went 13-14 lbs.  It was one of the best fights I have had this year in moving water as I was convinced I had a striper of 25-30 lbs.  Tonight I also scratched a big jig along a channel bottom.  That yielded a good looking 35 inch striper.  When fishing these breachway waters at night, I am using a 1 1/2 oz. homemade hotlips jig that is all white with red thread.  I am adding an Uncle Josh 5 1/4 inch pork rind striper strip.  The jig is cast and allowed to hit bottom.  A slow, bouncy retrieve does the trick.  Once the jig starts to straighten out, reel in.  This lure has accounted for some real large stripers and bluefish in recent years.