Friday, October 7, 2011


The last two days have seen some of the biggest striper blitzes in recent years along the Narragansett shoreline.  Today and yesterday there was a mix of stripers, bluefish and false albacore hugging the entire shoreline from Pt. Judith all the way to the Walls around the Harbor of Refuge, a more than five mile stretch.  Vast schools of bay anchovies were along this shoreline and attracting big numbers of predators.  It is some of the best striper fishing I have seen along here in years.  It is also attracting big numbers of fishermen that form a picket fence of casters in some shore spots. Boaters are also chasing these fish just off shore.

I got out in my brother's boat today and fished this shoreline with my brother Steve and my son Ben.  I saw one school of stripers that was roughly the size of a football field, thousands of fish tearing through bay anchoies in a wild surface frenzy.  In another spot, I saw a smaller school of fish, say the size of a basketball court.  We could see thousands of fish right on the surface and under the boat, all around us.  There was not one fish that wasn't a keeper!  They were all big.  In other places, very fussy false albacore were tearing through the bait.  And, still other spots had big blues.  In all, we must have landed over 20 stripers, at least a half dozen big blues and a false albacore in just a few hours of fishing. The hot lure was a fan tailed plastic Cocahoe mounted on a small jighead.
While we were hammering the fish from the boat, my son, Jon, was banging several keeper bass from shore.  It was one heck of a wild day!