Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do You Have a Back Up Plan?

These days the marine forcasts are notoriously wrong.  I went down to the ocean yesterday where the forecast called for 3-5 foot waves.  The water at Point Judith was coming right over the East Wall, hardly three footers.  I would have put the waves heights at 5-8 feet, possibly higher in some locations.  It called for an immediate change in plans.
Do you have a back up plan if things aren't right.  And, there's a lot that can go wrong on a trip to the shore....too rough, too sandy, weedy, closed off access, etc.  Before I head down, I always have at least three or more locations in my mind that could produce.  I also try to find areas that are different in their physical make-up but close to one another to avoid burning through gas.  In the above situation, if Pt. Judith is too rough to fish, how about heading into the protected waters of Pt. Judith Pond (second option).  If that doesn't produce, what about a breachway like the Galilee Channel or Narrow River (third option).  Finally, if nothing is working, how about hitting the mouth of the Bay (fourth option).  Being flexible and having several options can make or break a day of fishing.  In yesterday's case, I landed 8 bass to keeper size on a day that looked like I was going to blank.  Having options saved the day.