Saturday, April 30, 2011

Warming Water Lights Things Up

Strange happenings these days. Got down to the oceanfront yesterday. It was windy and rough but the fishing was good. I had my best outing of the spring with well over 20 schoolies. It's been an unusual and unexpected turn of events. Consider these facts:

* Water temps last week were in the 40's. In a matter of a few days it jumped into the 50's. My guess is that the strong south and southwest winds coupled with very rough water sent a lot of "southern" warm water our way.

* I saw a guy land 2 bluefish yesterday. I have never seen a bluefish caught along the RI shoreline in April until yesterday (so much for cold water).

* I also saw several near keeper size stripers (like the one in the photo). It's a good sign that big fish are moving our way.

No question, an influx of warm water has suddenly changed the game.