Thursday, April 14, 2011

It Has Started!

The 2011 season has started. I have reliable information that a few schoolies were caught this earlier in the week along the oceanfront in that warm weather. There were no big numbers, more like a trickle, but we can say with certainty that things have started. It should be a matter of a short period of time before the big numbers arrive. I poked around the Upper Bay today in some of my usual spring hotspots. To my surprise, I landed a keeper of 30 inches and another decent fish of 25 inches. The keeper was a perfect specimen.... bright, fat and feisty. Whether these two fish were holdovers or new fish, I have no idea. However, they were the first fish I have been able to catch in mid day in a long time. New fish at this time of year tend to hit far better in the daytime than at night. So, things are on the upswing as a new season begins.