Saturday, April 9, 2011

Two Blogs= 100,000 Hits

I began writing two blogs about two years ago. Today, those two websites logged a combined 100,000 hits. One blog,, was started as just a local website that would give RI fishermen tips and ideas for fishing for striped bass in the Ocean State from shore, boat and kayak. That site now attracts viewers from all over the East Coast and is one of the top striper fishing websites in New England in terms of popularity and volume. My other blog,, was started to inform RI fishermen about the great potential of this fishery. As the state chairman of the RI Carp Anglers (CAG) group, I used this vehicle to inform carp fishermen about European techniques, equipment and information about the CAG. The interesting thing about this blog is that it attracts viewers from all over North America as well as from the UK and other parts of Europe. It has worldwide appeal that I never anticipated. Thank you to all of my loyal readers for making these sites so popular. I will continue to bring you up-to-date and relevant information about carp fishing and striper fishing here in RI.