Sunday, April 24, 2011

By Shore and By Boat

I fished the Upper Bay from shore and boat in the last two days and the results were the same. Decent numbers of fish are around. However, you just have to find them. My strategy at this time of year is to move around a lot. On both days I did find good numbers of schoolies, but it took some looking. The schoolies are bunched up at this time of year. For instance, I fished yesterday evening. I tried several spots and then I hooked up. My first five casts in this location produced 3 fish and 2 hits. That seems to be what is happening right now. Find the fish and you will catch multiple fish. Two days ago, my brother, Steve, and I fished from his boat. At first we had little success and then we found the location where the fish were (see photo). Once found, every drift seemed to get a hit or a fish. Once again, it is the super Zoom fluke on a jighead fished with light tackle that is catching all my fish.