Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cocahoes/Teasers Hot at Oceanfront

I got down to the oceanfront for the first time this spring yesterday along with my son, Ben, and I wasn't disappointed. There were good numbers of schoolies in the 14-20 inch range to be had. As usual, the hot lures were Cocahoe minnows (plastic fan shaped fish body) threaded onto a small jighead. I also had a shrimp fly teaser rigged ahead of the Cocahoe. About 40 % of the schoolies that I caught took the teaser.
There is nothing fancy about using a fan shaped lure like a Cocahoe or a Storm shad. Simply cast out, let it sink, and reel it in. I like to vary the retrieve in a fast and slow motion. I also like to give the rod tip and occasionally pull to add a bit of action. However, I do notice that many fishermen who simply reel it in this lure score well also. The key here is to keep it near the bottom the hot zone where most schoolies will be caught in April.