Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Moving On

I'm off to the slopes from
now till the end of March.
My fishing along the oceanfront is done unless I hear about something big happening, which is doubtful at this point.  Just before Thanksgiving there was a major push of fish, and I have to think that was the grand finale.  Since then, it has been a schoolie here and there for those few fishermen who are still at it.
I'm now moving onto my winter phase of activity.  Here's my agenda:
1.  Look for wintering over stripers-  I have been doing this for the past few days/nights with limited success.  Found a scant few fish and hoping that will improve.  Stripers winter over in many of the river systems of southern New England.  Its a matter of finding them.
Freshwater carping is another winter
alternative for me.  It has been
good in the last two weeks for fish
into the high teens.
2. Turn to freshwater carping- I am doing more of this and finding good numbers of fish up into the teens.  More and more saltwater fishermen are turning to freshwater carp in the off season (Dec., maybe Jan. and Feb., and March).  I have been landing good numbers of 5-15 lb. fish in the last week or so.  Nothing wrong with that! It will stay productive until the ice arrives.Check out my carp blog.
3. Hit the ski slopes-  In winter I ski 4-5 times a week and I will do that until April. I've already hit the slopes at Wachusett several times and it has been surprisingly good due to snowmaking.