Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Just a Glut of Schoolies

This is one of over 60 schoolies landed today along the
oceanfront. There are record numbers of schoolies around,
but keepers are scarce.
As I walked into a south shore location today, I met a fishermen who was coming out.  I asked the guy if there was anything around.  His response was that he was getting a schoolie or a hit on just about every cast, and he landed about 25 fish.  He said he was sick of catching them and was heading home. Welcome to November fishing, 2016.
There is an unprecedented number of schoolies around right now along the oceanfront.  I'm guessing you could wade and cast a jig along just about any south shore location  and catch them.  They are even around in big numbers when there is no bait in evidence.  In the last week I have seen places with no bait, no fish breaking, no birds working, and it's a fish on every cast.  These abundant stripers are all in the same size range, running about 14-20 inches for the most part.
What is lacking this November is any run of larger fish.  Keepers are not around in any numbers. I have fished day and night just about every day in the last two weeks and have landed exactly one keeper.  And, I have seen exactly one other small keeper caught and that has been it. I have found schools of large bunker that have often had big blues on them but no keeper bass.  Several fishermen came up to me today asking where they might be able to catch a keeper. I had not answer.
Right now, schoolies, and there are a ton of them, and occasional big blues, are the main shows in town.