Thursday, November 24, 2016

From Tons of Fish to Just About Nothing

It was one lone schoolie for the day
for five hours of casting in multiple spots.
The inconsistency of late fall has arrived.
Like a light switch that was turned off, the fabulous fishing on Tuesday went to just about nothing on Wednesday.  I went down to the oceanfront again yesterday with high hopes of duplicating my success from the previous day. I found no birds, not a single gannet, no bait, few fishermen and even fewer fish.  The masses of stripers that were there one day were gone the next.  Ah, the inconsistencies of late fall fishing.
I fished multiple locations in a wide stretch of the oceanfront and came away with a lone schoolie. I saw dozens of guys come in, look, make a few casts and leave.  It was a revolving door of fishermen as everyone was searching for fish, but no one was finding.  I saw all those guys land a scant few schoolies.
I am guessing this inconsistency of late fall fishing will continue for a while longer before the end is reached. The fish are really on the move right now. I'm sure you can find fish in the next week or so along the south shore with a lot of effort, but expect a lot of blanks along the way also.  The inconsistency of late fall has arrived.