Thursday, November 10, 2016

An INCREDIBLE November Blitz

The stripers ranged from 14 inch schoolies
to small keepers.
There were even big
blues in the mix.
Today I walked into one of the wildest and most impressive November blitzes I have ever seen at this time of year along the oceanfront. There were tons of schoolies, some small keepers or near keepers and even some big blues in the mix.  They were all after vast schools of peanut bunker that were moving along the shore.
This blitz had nonstop action for the five hours I was there. At any one time in the daylight I could see schools of fish breaking in multiple locations.  The peanut bunker would gather in huge brown spots and with explosion like blasts, the stripers would blow through them.  Birds were picking the bait off from above and stripers and occasional blues were attacking from below. This pandemonium continued in the daylight hours but slowed at dark.
The few fishermen in on this blitz all departed at dark when the action seemed to subside.  I stayed.  About an hour after dark, the fish returned, and it was a hit or a fish on every single cast. The after dark action seemed even more intense than the daytime action, though nothing was showing.
Stripers blast through schools of peanut bunker in one of the wildest November days ever.
Just about all my fish taken in the daylight as well as after dark were caught on white Cocahoes mounted on a half ounce jighead.  I also got a few fish on Slug-gos after dark.
We are in the midst of the best November fishing I have seen for schoolies in years, maybe decades. It is as hot as it gets right now!