Monday, September 12, 2016


Our fabulous RI fall fishing just got more incredible as tons of albies have arrived along the RI oceanfront. In two glorious hours of fishing yesterday, my son Jon and I landed SIXTEEN albies from the shore.  We probably had another 25 hits and multiple fish on and lost. It was probably the best "first day hit" I have ever experienced from shore or boat. This is a fish that is tough to get from shore and catching just one would have been an accomplishment!
This influx of albies comes at a time when the Bay is chuck full of bluefish of all sizes and the striper fishing is lighting up along the oceanfront. This is our year in RI. As I have predicted many times in this blog in the past month, we are headed for an epic year of fall fishing along the oceanfront. This is just the start!
They are in, BIG TIME!