Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Fantastic Day from the Boat

We landed big numbers
of albies today from the boat.
We are off to the best start
The albies are on the rampage like I have never seen before.  For three days now, they have been along the oceanfront in droves.  While I have been getting big numbers from the shore in the last two days, my brother Steve and I decided to hunt them down by boat today, and we found BIG numbers of them.  We also landed several real large ones in the ten pound range.
This brute was the largest of the day.
We landed between 25 and 30 albies this afternoon in a number of locations.  In fact we found them for miles along a shoreline in multiple spots. While we saw many other boats in different spots, we saw few being caught.  That's because most of the fishermen were using metal.  Yes, metal will get you a fish here and there, but if you want to get the big numbers, you will have to use the fly and float.  This is the number one artificial to get fussy albies to hit.  All our fish were taken on a blue homemade Deceiver fly that trailed off a wooden egg float that served as the casting weight.  It was deadly once again today as it has been all week from shore.
Most of the albies were feeding on bay anchovies but we found pods of them in one spot blasting through peanut bunker.  The larger ones seemed to be around the schools of small bunker.
This blue Deceiver that was fished off a wooden egg float was the killer
today for albies.  This has also been the hot ticket from shore.