Monday, September 19, 2016

Lure of the Week....Wooden Egg Float

The wooden egg float is one of the greatest gadgets ever invented. It isn't a lure.  It is simply a casting weight that delivers small offerings great distances. And, it is an essential artificial that everyone should have in their surf bag or in the boat.
I make all my own egg floats. Check out this article to find out all the specifics on how it's done. Basically you buy a wooden egg from a craft store or online, drill it and wire it and you are done. Next, run about three feet of 30 lb. test mono off the end of the float and tie on your "small offering".  Flies (suggest Deceivers) are great for albies and can be knotted onto the mono trailing off the float.  Small bucktail jigs, Cocahoes on jigheads and shad bodies on jigheads are great to use for stripers.
In the last week I have landed over 30 albies on the float and fly and over 30 stripers on the float and bucktail jig.  In just about every case the fish were far out, they were feeding on small bait, and the float with a small offering was about the only thing that would get them.
That egg float is a must to have in your arsenal in the next couple of months.