Friday, September 16, 2016

East Wind Changes Everything

I'm sure many of you are reading the numerous reports that talk about the outstanding albie fishing along the oceanfront.  Well, that was Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  It all ended yesterday as a cold front moved through and a strong easterly flow developed. And, the fish disappeared.
I went down yesterday afternoon and clearly the atmosphere changed. I hit a lot of places and the water was dirty, weedy and rough.  There were no signs of bait anywhere and no fish.  I ran into just a few fishermen and all were complaining about the near impossible conditions to fish in.  One guy even asked me if I thought it was all done!
Heck no, it is not done, but this easterly flow which will continue through tomorrow is surely a bump in the road. Without any big storms, the albies should return when the winds turn out of the west quadrant.  I am guessing the albies will be scattered and in smaller schools.  But, still available for those who want to work for them.
In most years, the fishing for albies along the RI shoreline continues into early to mid October, even later at times.  Some years it ends by Oct. 1.  Once again, weather will play a big factor in determining when it comes to an end..