Friday, August 5, 2016

Larger Blues More Numerous

Big bluefish over 10 lbs. are
blitzing with the more numerous
smaller fish in the Bay.
The bluefish continue to make headlines in the Bay and remain your best bet from shore.  The big news is that they are getting bigger.  I know of numerous fish this week over 10 lbs. that were landed.  These bigger ones were mixed in with smaller (2-6 lbs.) ones going on a rampage after big schools of peanut bunker.
I have seen some crazy stuff this week.  I have seen numerous mini surface blitzes of blues, something you usually see in the cooler weather of the fall along the oceanfront.  Blues have been busting in big bunches all week after bait in the Bay. There have even been stripers of all sizes (yes, some keepers) in the mix.
Bay water right now is in the upper 70's. This hot water doesn't seem to slow the fish down.  If the bait is around, the fish will continue to feed. And, there seems to be more and more blues by the week. It's real good right now, but I think a great September is coming.