Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lure of the Week- The Bucktail Jig

They aren't hitting Slug-gos. They aren't hitting Jumpin Minnows.  They can take or leave the shad bodies. But, they are hitting bucktail jigs big time. This old stand-by has become the new hottest lure for me in the last week or so.
I've written over and over again how the bucktail jig is the most versatile and effective lure you can use in saltwater.  It will catch a whole variety of fish and is probably your most effective lure when the bait is small.  Over the weekend my son Jon fished the oceanfront and landed several fluke as well as bluefish on the jig.  The next evening we fished the Bay and landed over 20 stripers on the jig.  Last evening I fished the Bay and landed good numbers of both stripers and blues on the jig. So, this is all proof of how good this lure is working right now.
The bait in the places I am fishing is small right now. I believe it is bay anchovies. A small, bucktail jig of half an ounce or smaller has a similar profile of the bait.  Add a plastic curly tail and now you have similar movement of the bait. I make all my own jigs and favor a white color overall.  I prefer Bass Pro Shops triple ripple tails in a three inch length to add to my jigs as enticers.
Nothing fancy about working the jig.  Simply cast, let it sink and slowly reel it in with occasional pulls of the rod tip. Very easy and very effective.
The Erie style jig has been hot for me this week.  My son Jon is having
good success on a lima bean or flat head jig.