Thursday, August 25, 2016

Crazy Good

That little bout of cool weather we had several days ago just lit the fishing up.  If I didn't know better I would think I was fishing in October rather than August.
Several evenings ago I got out from shore in the Bay and saw one of the biggest schools of bluefish I have ever witnessed at this time of year.  It was the size of a football field and they were busting non-stop for nearly an hour, feeding on massive schools of peanut bunker.  Unfortunately, they were out of casting distance.  But, no problem, because right near shore there were loads of bay anchovies and schoolies were after those.  I landed 11 schoolies that evening on bucktail jigs.  The next evening, my son Ben and I headed to the shore.  Same story....bait everywhere and blues busting out far, schoolies on the rampage in close. Together we landed over 40 fish in an hour and a half on jigs. Last night I went down once again.  The blues were gone but the place was crawling with both bay anchovies as well as peanut bunker with stripers breaking here and there. I landed 22 stripers in a short period of time.
This has been one of the best Augusts I have ever experienced from shore (boat is on vacation). There's tons of bait, and I have landed big numbers of stripers, blues and even fluke this month.  Yes, that bait is drawing everything close to shore including a seal that was in front of me last night.  I have no doubt that this terrific August fishing will lead to some spectacular September fishing.  Put albies in the mix and a real big month is coming up!
It has been one of the Augusts I have ever experinced. There have been
big numbers of stripers and blues around lured by tons of bait.