Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer of the Blues

This has been one of the biggest summers for bluefish that I have seen in over a decade. I am consistently getting upwards of seven or eight blues an evening in the Bay from shore, and there seems to be no let up in sight.  In fact, their numbers seem to be increasing!
It's been blues, and lots of them, so far this summer.
This influx of bluefish is all being fueled by an unusual amount of bait that entered the Bay in the spring and that keeps coming.  Right now, there is everything known to these parts.  I see big schools of large menhaden on occasion, very large concentrations of peanut bunker and even schools of bay anchovies. The bigger blues are on the large menhaden while the smaller ones under 8 lbs. are voraciously feeding on the peanut bunker and bay anchovies.  At times they can bee seen busting in big groups.
As I have said in previous posts, these fish are fussy which is probably due to the warm water (mid to upper 70's). The smaller blues are keying on plastic shads and cutting up as many as they are taking. The larger blues (when they are in the mood) are taking larger plugs like pencil poppers and large standard poppers.
While I have stayed in the Bay to catch these blues and occasional stripers, I am hearing about bluefish action along the oceanfront also. Same deal as the Bay....where bait comes ashore, bluefish are on it.
This is all setting up what looks to be an outstanding fall. Come September, the Bay should be wild with blues and occasional good size stripers.  The oceanfront should be a mix of stripers, blues and albies. Can't wait!