Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hottest Lure of the Week....Plastic Shad Body

I don't like using plastics when blues are around, but when the plastics are the ONLY thing they will hit, I'll use them.  All of a sudden, the hottest lure in my bag is a 4-inch shad body mounted onto a half ounce jighead. I especially like a sparling green color with a black back. This lure is catching lots of bluefish for me in the Bay along with some stripers. The drawback to using this lure is that the blues are merciless when it comes to cutting them up.  A couple of nights back I landed seven blues and went through at least 10 plastic bodies.  However, years ago I bought bags of 50 of them at a time and these bags have sat in my basement for years so I am now putting them to use!
A plastic shad is a dead ringer for a peanut bunker.  It has the right size and shape.  And, that wiggling fan tail is the icing on the cake.  It's also a lure anyone, even a novice, can use with deadly effectiveness.  Simply cast it out and reel it in.
I wish I could tell you the blues are hitting hard plugs. They are not.  They have gotten mighty fussy in the warm water that is loaded with bait. This fussiness is a summertime thing I have seen repeated many times over the years. So, if it's plastic shads they are hitting, it's shads I am using!