Friday, May 27, 2016

Weekend Outlook....Great from a Boat, Fair from Shore

There will be a ton of people out and about this weekend looking for fish. If you fish from a boat, you shouldn't have any problem finding them.  There are a lot a stripers around and they are all sizes.  If you fish from shore, it's a different story.  The numbers are dwindling, but they are still around if you look for them.
Boating Outlook-  The Bay is the place to be as there are big numbers of keeper bass around chasing loads of menhaden.  Using menhaden is the ticket to getting the big ones.  Not every school of pogies, though, has large stripers under them.  So, it will be a matter of finding the productive schools of fish.  I like to snag and fish the snagged one right under the schools.  You might also opt to reel it in, rehook through the nose and fish it that way.  In addition to the live bait fishing, plugging is another productive option.  Stripers, from schoolies to small keepers, are around in good numbers in many of the shallow coves and shorelines in the Bay.  Such plugs as Jumpin Minnows and Slug-gos are hot numbers from the boat.  Once again, you will have to look around and try to find the productive spots.  That's fairly easy to do from a boat.
Shore Outlook-  The fishing is slowing down for me from shore.  I have tried up and down the Bay from shore, and it seems that I am able to pick up a couple of fish an outing if I hit multiple spots.  I'm not finding many keepers from shore compared to a couple of weeks ago. Try plugging with Jumpin Minnows, poppers or Slug-gos.  Evenings into night is your best time to fish as well as early morning. The oceanfront should also be productive, but expect to find a lot of people out and about.
Expect Some Bluefish- With this warming weather, the bluefish are on the increase.  We are getting some from the boat and I know others who are catching them from the shore.  Put the plastic away and fish with a hard plug if you find blues.