Friday, June 3, 2016

Slowing Down from Shore

I got this schoolie a couple of
evenings ago in the Bay.  It was the
lone fish of the outing. From shore
numbers have declined and
sizes have declined for me.
I haven't been out in the boat in over a week, but I know boaters are catching good numbers of big bass in the Bay.
I have fished from shore, though, and the results have not been good.  I have picked up a striper here and there in the last week and got my first bluefish of the year on the Memorial Day weekend. The numbers of fish have dwindled as has the sizes. Overall, I would have to rate the shore fishing as fair at best.  It is in sharp contrast to the boat fishing which is excellent.
I have been mostly targeting the Bay, but I know many others that have fished the oceanfront and they report marginal results too.  We are quickly getting into a summer pattern and that spells trouble for shore fishermen. Summers here in RI have not been good for shore fishermen in recent years.
So, it is that time of year when things are heading downhill in RI so I will be heading northward looking for greener pastures in the coming weeks.