Thursday, June 16, 2016

Unreal Fishing Continues from the Boat

The good times just keep rolling along as the big fish continue to school up in Gansett Bay.  They are after vast schools of menhaden that have been in the area for weeks now.
Today it was one big fish after another on snagged menhaden.  Our technique was the "snag and drag" as outlined in the previous post. Today's fish were generally in the 36 to 40 inch range with a few reaching over 40 inches. My brother Steve had one real large fish that we guessed was around 40 lbs. It was released.
Unlike the last big day we had, there were few boats fishing today, but the few I saw were catching good numbers of fish.
Our fabulous year of striper fishing just keeps going and going! Best year we have EVER experienced for big fish in the Bay from the boat..  Yup, it is that good.