Thursday, May 5, 2016

Epic Day, One of the Wildest of All Time!

Biggest fish of the night was this 28 inch keeper.
Today had to be the wildest day I have EVER fished in the month of May.  The wind howling up to 50 mph, bait was all over the place, birds were diving, fish were busting and the numbers of fish I landed was staggering.
I hit the oceanfront in late afternoon, just driving about checking a few spots when I spotted a mass of birds diving in the water along a deserted beach.  Yup, I found what I was looking for, big time. I got my stuff on and headed to the water.  What I found was huge numbers of stripers very close to shore. On the first four casts, I had 5 fish and it just continued from there. Birds would start diving after bait, fish would start breaking and I was running from spot to spot like a nut casting and catching on my Cocahoes and teasers.
At one point before dark, masses of baitfish, a combination of silversides and peanut bunker, got driven onto the beach by huge numbers of foraging stripers.  Waves started washing the bait onto the beach.  Within a half hour there were thousands of stranded baitfish just flopping on the beach. In the wash were also thousands of baitfish getting slammed by schools of stripers. I have never seen such mayhem in the springtime.  It was crazy.
While most of the fish were small (10-20 inches). I did manage to snare a keeper in the 28-30 inch range.  By the time my evening ended I had landed over 80 stripers, making this one of my biggest hauls on a May day in my 50 years of striper fishing!

Big schools of stripers are breaking for bait.

Marauding schools of stripers have driven the bait right up onto the sand
of the beach.  Thousands of silversides and peanut bunker have been stranded.