Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Black Sea Bass Regs Change......Bag Limit up to 7

Black sea bass have been one of our most abundant gamefish
this summer. You can now keep 7 a day.
This monster was in the 7-8 lb. range and was landed recently.
Good bye to one of the dumbest regulations in the history of saltwater fishing here in RI regarding black sea bass.  All summer the limit was one fish a day. This comes at a time when we have record numbers of them all over the oceanfront.  In places the bottom was just paved with them and you could catch all you wanted. They are one of our most abundant gamefish. As of today, you can now keep 7 of them.
Here's a suggestion for our Marine Fisheries Council that comes up with these regulations.  Instead of allowing one fish a day for all the summer months and then increasing it to 7 fish in the fall, why not make it 3 or 4 fish a day for the year.  That would seem to make more sense to me.