Thursday, September 17, 2015

Suddenly, Bluefish Dominate Oceanfront

The big story of the last few days has been
the arrival of tons of bluefish along the
oceanfront.  Some of them have been huge.
There are some schoolies
around but there are no big numbers.
There are some albies around, but it remains spotty.  There are some stripers around, but you have to really look to find them. And, there are tons of bluefish around.  The big news of the last few days is the arrival of loads of bluefish of all sizes.  These are being caught from shore as well as from the boat. Today I got out in the boat and hit the trifecta, landing stripers, bluefish and a lone albie. The blues were the most abundant of the three species as they were feeding on the masses of peanut bunker that have been moving along the oceanfront.  We found blues in numerous locations.  Poppers worked especially well for these aggressive feeders.  While most of the blues were in the 3-6 lb. range, we did manage a huge one that went into the teens.  If you hit the right spot there are some schools of real big blues moving around.
So, if you like bluefish, they are around now in big numbers. Compared to recent years, this is already the best bluefish year we have seen in a long time.  Credit the peanut bunker for delivering the blues.