Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Albie Fishing Heats Up

I got my first one from the shore today.
Albie fishing has really heated up
in the last couple of days.
Albie fishing has taken a BIG turn for the better in the last few days.  I got out today and landed my first one from the shore this year on a Kastmaster XL.  I saw good numbers landed from the shore in multiple spots, and there was an absolute glut of them way out in front of me at one point.  I saw lots of boats chasing them.
All of this began a couple of days ago. Up until then it was a few pods here and there with no big numbers.  That has all changed as more and more albies have hit the oceanfront.  No doubt this is happening because we have massive amounts of bait to draw in these fish.  There are huge schools of peanut bunker around.  We haven't seen this many in years.  There are also good numbers of bay anchovies.  With all this bait and a lack of stormy weather, I see this albie fishing remaining very good for some time to come.
While  albie fishing is not as hot as last year yet, the numbers are building.