Friday, August 28, 2015

Albie Watch

None around yet, but if  it is going to happen,
it should occur in the next week to ten days.
There's a lot of fishermen looking.  One of the most anticipated events of the fishing season is the arrival of the false albacore, or albies.  These fish are the ultimate light tackle gamesters as they will put on a fight that would most fish to shame.  They are the most sought after fish by fly rodders.
To my knowledge (and I talk to a lot of people and have gotten out a lot in the last week), there are none around yet.  Last year they showed up at this during the last couple of days of August. In previous years, the start for the most part has been the first week of September if they are going to show.
And, that is a big "IF". These fish are not a sure bet. If we look back at the last few years, 2014 and 2013 were banner years that saw record numbers of them along the RI shoreline but there were none in 2012. If we look back over the last 30 years, about a third of those years there were none, a third of those years a few were around and it was good to great about a third of the years.  So, what will happen this year is anyone's guess.
If I were a betting fisherman, I would bet it will be a good year.  There is a lot of bait in place and the bonito have been around in good numbers.  Good numbers of bonito usually means good numbers of albies.
The next week to ten days should tell the story.  If they are going to show, it will be in that time period.