Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yesterday's Super Storm Really Messes Things Up

Yesterday's super thunderstorms really did a job on the state with damage, downed trees and power lines.  From a fisherman's point of view, it also wreaked havoc on the oceanfront and the fishing.
I went down yesterday afternoon, almost twelve hours after the storm blew through.  The ocean was fully charged.  I would estimate there were 6-10 foot waves crashing ashore, making fishing impossible in most places.  Couple that with a big southwest wind.  To add to the misery, the water near any beach was a mess with sand and weeds.  Even far from the sandy beaches, weed and some sand seemed to be everywhere. In some places the breaking waves were brown with thick, globby weed.  Along miles of a rocky shoreline that was clean a day earlier, I could find only one small spot where there was some weed, but barely fishable water.  I saw no birds diving anywhere, no bait visible, no stripers jumping and just about no fishermen.  I was able to catch one lone schoolie at dark on a Slug-Go, and I was darn lucky to get one fish considering the conditions.
My brother was out this morning in his boat and covered a wide area of the oceanfront.  While the waves had calmed down, there were still rollers coming in and the water was still a weedy and silty mess as far out as a mile in some places.  He found no birds working and for all his efforts, he landed one small bluefish. Not good.
Only time will tell if this storm has ruined our very good summer fishing and sent the stripers and bait packing.  The oceanfront will need to calm down and clear up.  This might take a few days before things return to normal.  What the fishing will be like is any one's guess.