Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best Day for Bluefish in YEARS!

There were big numbers of bluefish around yesterday
feeding on big schools of peanut bunker.
We got out in my brother's boat yesterday, and found big numbers of bluefish.  Schools of marauding blues covered a large area of the south shore oceanfront that we were fishing.  In fact, this was the most bluefish we have seen in years, either from the boat or from shore.
Suddenly, there are massive schools of peanut bunker around to add to the massive number of bay achovies.  We now have the bait, BIG TIME, and that is attracting all kinds of fish.  These blues, which ranged from 5-10 lbs., were in small schools attacking pods of peanut bunker. They were quite fussy and would not take a popper, usually the artificial of choice when blues are around.  The best lure we used yesterday was a Kastmaster XL worked fast.  I kept it just below the surface or actually "popped" it on the surface.  Either way, it was very effective.
While we were catching these fish from the boat, they could be caught at times from the shore.  Pods of them were close enough to reach, but we never saw anyone fishing from the shore. Where are all the shore fishermen?
With massive amounts of bait along the RI shoreline, it's looking like this will be a fabulous early fall. When we get some cooler weather, look for the fishing to really explode with stripers, bluefish and albies leading the hit parade.