Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Loads of Small Ones and a BIG Surprise

First blue of the year, a fish of about
3 lbs.
There was a glut of small schoolies
around today. Most went 8-14 inches.
I had to go down to the oceanfront today to move my son Jon back home from his apartment in 'Gansett.  So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone by fishing as well as doing the move.  We fished in the middle of the day along the oceanfront and found big numbers of schoolies.  These were real small fish as they ran 8-14 inches on average.  This was the first time I have seen fish this small, but it is a good sign for the future of the fishery.  Jon reports that there have been big numbers of small ones in the last few days along various spots along the south shore oceanfront.
I, did, however get two unexpected surprises.  The first was my first bluefish of the year that I landed on a bucktail jig.  The second, and this is hard to believe, was that I landed an Atlantic salmon on a shrimp fly teaser. At first I thought it could be a squeteague but it didn't have the right fins or mouth to be a weakfish.  The salmon was about 14 inches, the size of many of the stripers it was hanging with. Check out the photo below.

Here is the surprise of the spring, an Atlantic salmon that was caught
on a shrimp fly teaser!