Thursday, May 7, 2015

From the Boat in the Bay...

Yes, the schoolies are in the
Bay also.  Zoom flukes
(right photo) threaded
onto lightweight jigheads
proved hot.
Also, the Bay was loaded with
schools of large menhaden but
there were no keepers on them.
Yes, the stripers are in the Bay also. We went out today in my brother's boat and did find some schoolies.  There were not a ton of them, but we did get some and had a good number of hits from some fussy fish.  The hot ticket to catching them was to use Zoom flukes on lightweight jigheads.  Like the oceanfront, the schoolies are generally averaging 20-22 inches, good size for early season fish..
The big surprise today in the Bay was the astounding numbers of large menhaden we found.  At times we were sitting in acres of them. And, they seemed to be all over the place. We did snag some and tried livelining this big bait, but got nothing.  There was no evidence of larger stripers under this abundant bait, but I can tell you it is only a matter of time before the large stripers find this big bait. Things are really looking up.