Friday, April 25, 2014

Not Good

A couple of days ago I told of a slight uptick in the fishing, something I described as baby steps in the right direction.  Well, since then we have taken some giant steps in reverse. My fishing report can be summed up in two words: NOT GOOD.  I went down today figuring it would be my last chance for a few days due to unfavorable weather coming this weekend.  I slugged it out for hours along the West Wall, that spot that has been mentioned over and over again in recent fishing reports.  Many are reporting good fishing there.  NOT TRUE. I got nothing today and did not see a fish taken in some good conditions. In fact, there has not been a fish landed there for two days now.
Between my sons, friends and me, we have been fishing the oceanfront and the West Wall for the last two weeks.  I can tell you that there have been EXACTLY seven schoolies taken in this spot in the last week that I know of. I suspect that number is quite accurate.  If you figure that there are about twenty fishermen a day that sample this spot, and those guys have put in hundreds and hundreds of hours of  casting and fishing,  I think you can conclude that the fishing there is poor.
I will tell you that there are a lot of frustrated fishermen out there. Most are expecting good fishing by now, but it is not happening. Until an extended spell of warm weather arrives, it will remain poor.