Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Late Starts Common in the Past and Seals a Problem in the Present

There are many out there wondering when the stripers will arrive.  Many think the migration should have been here by now.  Not necessarily so.  We've gotten spoiled in recent years, years with warm winters. Following those warm winter years the action started in late March and early April.  However, if you go back ten, twenty and even thirty years, you realize that years ago the action generally started around the third week in April.  Back when I was a kid, my father would often start fishing saltwater for stripers around April 20.  In his mind that was the starting date, and he was usually right on target.
So, have some patience.  They are coming.  With water temperatures along the south shore oceanfront hovering in the low to mid forties, that's a problem.  And, with the temperatures taking a dive in the next few days it will do nothing to help the fishing situation. So, some guys will just have to sit and wait it out or hit freshwater.
On more discouraging note here.  While I was fishing yesterday I saw at least five different seals cruising around in front of me.  At any one moment I could pick one out. I've never seen this many in one spot in the springtime along the oceanfront.  Seals have been on the increase big time here in RI.  I have to wonder how much of a negative effect they will have on our fishing once it gets started.