Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This is one of 4 small schoolies that I landed today in a
quiet backwater spot.  I suspect these fish were holdovers.
The oceanfront continues to be very poor with only
one confirmed fish taken thus far this spring.
I headed to the oceanfront today in search of stripers.  Everyone I met had the same question...."seen or caught any yet?"  I found one sharpie fisherman that told me he caught exactly one small schoolie yesterday along the oceanfront and that was the ONLY fish I know of that has been caught so far. Blame it on the cold water.  Blame it on the lack of fish. Blame it on the seals (yes, they were around again today). Whatever it is , we are off to a very bad start which is very discouraging.
I tried for a couple of hours along the oceanfront.  With no luck there, I decided to test out some backwaters for holdover fish.  I did catch four small schoolies in a quiet backwater spot on Zoom flukes mounted on small jigheads, but I suspect these were not fresh fish but holdovers. Hey, better than nothing.