Monday, April 14, 2014

Dead as a Door Nail

I had everything right today.  It was a warm day following several warm days, we had a southwest wind, the surf was good,  high tide was at dark and bad weather was coming.  It should have been a very good day of striper fishing.  It was not.  Contrary to hyped up fishing reports swirling around, I can can you the fish are just not along the oceanfront yet.
I also talked to two of the best fishermen I know from Gansett who were also trying.  These guys have been slugging it out for the past week or two, and they have caught nothing and seen nothing.  In addition, my son, Ben, has been trying and he reports nothing.
With storminess and rain on the way tomorrow and cold, northeast winds to follow later on in the week, you can write off the next several days. Looks like it will be a very late start.