Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Report from Oceanfront

I went down and fished the oceanfront all day today and really moved around checking a lot of spots.  My overall impression was this. There are very few fish around and access remains poor. Now, for a rundown of where I fished. 
The East Wall is a mess in spots.

One of three schoolies landed at Galilee.
My first stop was along Gansett where I wanted to fish the Seawall.  Nothing doing.   The damaged sidewalk along the wall was closed and off limits.  Next stop was the East Wall at Pt. Judith.  The parking lot was a mess with big rocks, holes and sand all over the place.  I did manage to park on the main road going in and was able to get onto the wall which was a mess in places.  No luck there.  My next stop was Galilee.  I had to park along the main road since the parking lot was closed off.  I don't know why since it was all cleared of sand.  I did manage to catch three schoolies off the Short Wall on bucktail jigs, my highlight of the day.  Next stop was Matunuck.  I parked in one little spot at Deep Hole, though that parking lot overall was a mess.  I fished the whole Matunuck shore and caught nothing.  I tried to get into South Kingstown Beach but that parking lot was closed also.  Next stop was East Matunuck and the West Wall.  You guessed it.....the East Matunuck lot was closed off, but I was able to park along the road down by the state pier.  I fished the West Wall and the Galilee Channel and caught nothing.  My last stop in the daytime was back to Narragansett Beach.  I was able to park in a private lot and walk down the beach to Narrow River.  I caught nothing.  I was hoping to fish Charlestown also today, but got the word that the road to the breachway was closed.

So, I fished the whole day and got three schoolies, but, hey, that was three more fish than I saw anyone else catch.  I saw no bait around and very few other people fishing.  I did spot a few gannets diving way out so that's a good sign I guess. The water all over was clean and fishable, but there was very little around.  Parking was a real disappointment and clearly the state is dragging its heals to get this cleared up. With another big storm forecast for tomorrow, things are not looking good.