Monday, November 12, 2012

Hot, Cold and In Between

I've been fishing along the oceanfront at the south shore for the last three days and I've had hot fishing, cold fishing and in between fishing.  On Saturday, schoolie fishing was as hot as it could be as my son Ben and I landed in excess of a hundred fish.  We went back to the same spot yesterday with about the same conditions, and our total for the day was three hickory shad and no stripers.  I went back today with my son Matt (see photo of Matt landing a double header).  We landed about 25 schoolies in the first 45 minutes we were there and then, poof, nothing.  Welcome to late fall fishing.  Yes, it can be a hit and miss deal.  That's why I preach that you need to move around to find the fish.  Yesterday and today we did try multiple spots with limited success.  Hey, fishing is not always great, but it sure was a beautiful weekend to get out and fish and spending the day with my sons fishing was great.

Four observations about this weekend's fishing.  I saw only one bluefish caught in three days.  Hard to believe, but they are not around.  Secondly, I saw and heard of no keeper bass caught in the last three days. Thirdly, most guys are using big plugs and catching nothing.  Cocahoes on jigheads (see photo) are slaying the schoolies which are feeding on small bait.  And lastly. rumors are swirling around about herring, but I have seen none which explains the lack of bluefish and keeper bass.  I will tell you, though, I did see about a dozen gannets flying in a flock today and hitting the water way out.  Maybe herring, maybe not.