Friday, September 21, 2012

Stripers Move in on Rough Water

Conditions along the oceanfront have been very rough the last few days as the big storm from a few days ago departed and a strong northeast wind developed in its wake.  The rocky shores along Gansett were taking a pounding yesterday.  Yet, if you could find clean water, you could find fish.  And, all the the fish are stripers. There has also been an influx of mullet along the whole oceanfront and that is also fueling the striper feed.
Yesterday was a good day of fishing.  I ended up with 18 stripers of which four were keepers in the 28-34 inch range (see keeper at left).  I got a lot of fish on a float and jig rig.  The jig was a 3/8 oz. flathead jig with a triple ripple grub tail attached.  That worked real well casting into the wind and moving it along the white water.  The other lure that worked well was a Kastmaster.  I was using a 2 oz. Kastmaster which delivered a long cast, something I needed in the location I was fishing. The stripers were also pouncing on that (see photo at right).

Looks like the stripers have replaced the albies and blues, but no complaints from my end. Our terrific September fishing is back on track.