Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mullet Luring Big Fish

Just about every report you read in the last few days talks about mullet showing up along the RI oceanfront.  And, when that big bait shows up it attracts lots of big fish, both striped bass as well as large bluefish.

Last night I fished with my son Ben.  We were in a spot where there were mullet and lots of them.  The predators were in hot pursuit as we could hear and see big fish busting all around us. I will admit that when large fish are on mullet, they can be fussy.  Yet, usually a swimmer with a light colored belly will  lure a big fish or two to hit after dark.  I was using a black back Bomber with a silver belly.  Ben was using a Canal special, the Daiwa Pro A minnow in a mackerel color. Both lures were catching fish.  We ended up with 8 keeper bass up to 36 inches along with one big blue (see pics of Ben's fish). We also had a number of other smaller fish that were close to keeper size.  It's hot fishing right now if you can find the mullet.  So long as the mullet stick around, the big fish will continue to hit.