Sunday, September 16, 2012

Best Way to Fool an Albie

Albie fever is gripping the RI shoreline.  There are record numbers of them around and record numbers of fishermen trying.  But, in the crowds there are a ton of frustrated fishermen who can not seem to catch them. Most of these guys are throwing plugs that are too big and metal that is ineffective. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS if you want to catch one..
For spin fishermen, the very best way to catch one of these gamesters is the use of a float.  I am talking a wooden egg float that you will have to make yourself (sorry, baitshops don't sell them (I don't know why)).  If you want to know how it's done, check out this post, . If you can't make the egg float, just take the hooks off a popper or pencil popper and use that as your float.  The egg is simply the casting weight.  Three feet of heavy mono (30 lb. test) is attached to the end of the float.  At the terminal end, you want to tie on a Deceiver fly or a three inch Zoom fluke (light color) that is threaded onto a barbed hook (see top left).

The Deceiver fly that I am using is also homemade (see top right).  It is tied with white thread.  The tail is dark blue saddle hackle and the body is either white thread or fine chartreuse chenile.  Up front the throat is white bucktail and the wing is made with white bucktail with an overlay of chartreuse bucktail.  The hook is a Mustad 34007 size 1/0.
Cast this offering out and simply pop it in while reeling like you'd fish a popper.  I like to do a moderate retrieve, but I will sometimes reel it in very fast if blues are around.  Bluefish will have a difficult time catching up with a fast moving lure, but no problem for the more speedy albies.
Fly fishermen know the effectiveness of using a fly for albies.  However, fly fishermen are limited to a short cast and have trouble fishing a heavy surf.  That float and egg will give spin fishermen a booming cast which is often needed in some spots to get to breaking fish. You have a big advantage when using the float and fly or jig for albies.  It is the very best way to catch them.